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Consensual Relationship Agreements free essay sample

Compose a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you: Argue for the utilization of Consensual Relationship Agreements (CRAs) in your current (or future) working environment Create a counter contention against the utilization of CRAS in your current (or future) work environment. Ђ Discuss the moral standards associated with the utilization of CRAs Create at any rate one (1) other alternative other than CRAS that would address work environment sentiments Argue for the utilization of Consensual Relationship Agreements (CRAs) in your current (or future) work environment My present place of employment has no approach in regards to working environment sentiment separated from the typical orkplace inappropriate behavior strategy that is imparted to fresh recruits. I firmly accept that if there is a Consensual Relationship Agreement set up, it would have gone far to check a few if not the entirety of the moral issues the organization has needed to manage previously. Work place sentiment has come to remain. We will compose a custom article test on Consensual Relationship Agreements or on the other hand any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page It is no uncertainty one of the moral issues standing up to numerous organizations. Hellriege and Slocum (2011) were on the whole correct to state that on the off chance that you put two people with basic interests together for 40 or more hours out of each week, office sentiment will undoubtedly occur. Well this sentence talks session individuals who are yet to be impractically pulled in to each other. Be that as it may, there are additionally others who Join an organization when they are dating or wedded. A few organizations deny families cooperating at a similar spot, not to mention couples. Since office sentiment can Jeopardize your security and set managers and collaborators off (www. kellogforum. organization, 2011), a few organizations may choose to offer or deny work to an imminent representative dependent on whether their mate is utilized at a similar organization or not. This is somewhat on the grounds that most connections don't work out for different reasons. It along these lines turns out to be progressively confounded when a relationship including two representatives doesn't work out. Consequently marking an affection archive can turn into a state of business. Weinstein (2008) accepts that When you lose the round of affection at the workplace, you despite everything need to confront the other individual for a long time. This is the more motivation behind why one kind of work environment strategy that is being received is Consensual Relationship Agreement (CRA), (Hellriege and Slocum, 2011). These are consensual relationship understanding structures that you might be approached to sign (Delman, 2010). This composed agreement has explicit data for workers cap are impractically associated with one another to recognize to their boss. By permitting CRAS to flourish at my present work environment, the people and the organization remain to profit. For models, couples can inspire and urge each other to go to work. I am aware of a couple that used to vehicle pool. They scarcely ever canceled in light of the fact that they empowered and commended one another. These couples among a few others contended among one another at the work place with respect to their maintenance and quality. This at last made their work fun and expanded profitability. Additionally, the utilization of s at my present work environment fortifies every others consensual relationship. This happens when couples are put on comparable ventures, they might be constrained to make up and converse with one another for the benefit of all of the organization regardless of whether they were at first quarreling over something. Delman (2010) alerts in any case however that, Its not prudent to visit him up throughout the day. In this manner, leaving your work and conversing with your accomplice can have a few results. Likewise, reassuring the utilization of CRAS in my present work environment helps the organization secures itself against any cases of exual provocation between the gatherings that proclaimed that they were seeing someone. For a situation that may include a subordinate charging demonstrations of inappropriate behavior against an unrivaled when a relationship comes up short, An affection contract, marked after the relationship has started, can successfully invalidate such cases as it gives convincing proof the subordinate worker entered the relationship willfully, (Tyler, 2008) Hellriegel and Slocum (2011) citing Helaine Olen (Adams Media, 2007) attests that on the off chance that they see an irreconcilable situation or see the relationship s troublesome or possibly problematic, HR should step in. Make a counter contention against the utilization of CRAs in your current (or future) working environment. It is putting it mildly to believe that the utilization of CRAs similarly has its burdens. Outstandingly among the issues that are related with the utilization of CRAS in my present working environment is the way that preference turns into the thing to take care of particularly if the relationship is between a predominant and a subordinate. Such bias incorporates advancement, voyaging, preparing, and offer of impetuses for no work done and can raise enmity between representatives. This can disturb the tranquility of the organization. It can make pointless strain. It can even make a circumstance where a few representatives may surrender themselves for getting a charge out of the advantages that different workers appreciate for impractically being engaged with an unrivaled. Not all, the utilization of CRAs can make pointless and unfortunate interruptions among workers. This can prompt absence of spotlight at work. Delman (2010) accepts that An absence of center will diminish your work execution and can bring about end whenever took care of mistakenly. This is moral that might be hard to manage particularly on the off chance that he culprits are both in places of power. Be that as it may, Hellriege/Slocum (2011) offers an a word of wisdom that chiefs and representatives the same ought to be associated with the ID of moral issues and endeavors to comprehend them. All the more in this way, Delman (2010) accepts that empowering the utilization of CRAs and permitting workers to transparently show their relationship can make a circumstance of inconvenience. The uneasiness emerges in case of a separation. It deteriorates when one of the couples starts to date again around a similar working environment. It turns out to be much progressively muddled when it includes an anager (prevalent) and a subordinate (representative). She concurs that Running into a past love interest can change your entire state of mind in a moment and can be sincerely traumatizing†not precisely what you need when youre attempting to work admirably grinding away (Delman, 2010). Taking into account this, Hellriegel and Slocum (2011) offer a solid counsel to cure a circumstance like this along these lines, pioneers must exhibit their pledge to moral practices and choices made by different supervisors and representatives. Examine the moral standards associated with the utilization of CRAS A ton of moral issues emerge out of the utilization of Consensual Relationship Agreements. It can take various structures and shapes and nas the capacity to attect a people pertormance. Weinstein ( composes that that consistent token of a relationship that didnt work out is a difficult weight to hold up under, and it can influence how well you can carry out your Responsibility, which is the fundamental, if not sole, reason were utilized in any case. It can likewise cause individuals to stop their Jobs for the basic certainty of not seeing their ex accomplice again at the work place. Despite the fact that relationshi

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Car Evaluation Using Neural Network Essay Sample free essay sample

1. Presentation Handwriting affirmation is done in two unique manners. The first is online affirmation which looks at the characters as the client is pulling them. This technique is the less difficult of the two. since the framework solitary exchanges with one character at a clasp. A delineation of this technique is character affirmation on an individual advanced assistant ( PDA ) . The second sort is disconnected affirmation. In disconnected affirmation the framework must glance at a full gathering of characters on the other hand of only one at a clasp. A representation of this is optical character affirmation ( OCR ) bundle for scanners. This framework will use disconnected character affirmation. When the framework has broken a picture into its single characters. an anxious web will be utilized to locate each single character. Following these characters. each piece great as data sing their areas. are sent to the scanner. The scanner so revamps the single characters into Numberss wh at's more figures out which image goes to the parser following. In certain occasions. the scanner should other than infix additional characters. The parser so demands one character at a clasp from the scanner and figures the look. At last. a spring up is shown with the intentional answer. Figure 1: Example 2. Pictures In this framework. pictures can be contribution to two unique ways. In either case. pictures are required to be dim graduated table. Backing may at last be included for non-dim graduated table pictures. yet, this was non considered of import for the underlying adaptation of the framework. The principal strategy for picture input is with an electronic picture record. The usefulness for filling electronic picture records was incorporated for a few grounds. First. since electronic picture documents do non reduced the picture information no outer libraries were required. Along these lines. change overing the record into a data development utilized by this framework was a lot easier. Second. for demonstrating the framework. it is a lot simpler to guide it a rundown of electronic picture pictures to figure rather than using the graphical UI ( GUI ) of the framework to pull preliminary conditions more than once. At last. a future finish of the framework is to give clients to rep lenish pictures access from a scanner. so having the option to oversee picture records will let this to work significantly more simple. The framework directly does non back up filling pictures from a scanner in light of the fact that filtered pictures ordinarily have a clump of clamor ; in preliminaries performed. this commotion caused employments when hindering up the picture into single characters. Figure 2: Noise in an examined picture This usefulness will be executed at a ulterior clasp. Notwithstanding. the framework will hold to filtrate these pictures and tidy up the commotion ( most likely by using a Gaussian channel ) . what's more, this was just non executable given the constrained clasp limitations. It is other than a from this point forward program to incorporate help for other document configurations of pictures ( JPEG. GIF. PNG. and so forth ) . The second strategy included â€Å"drawing† the pictures on the screen through the program’s GUI. This technique is utilized in the present execution. since it was considered the most effortless and quickest for a client. Pictures are drawn by snaping and hauling the pointer around the draw board of the GUI. Deleting is other than permitted using a similar technique. The client may other than unclutter the full board. At the point when the client is done making a look the person in question just taps on the â€Å"Calculate† button. The framew ork so draws a lineation around each character it finds and shows a spring up joining the purposeful answer Figure 3: Fictional persona hinder up For the undermentioned record. allude to Figure 3 for a graphical representation of each proportion of the technique. When a picture has been stacked in the framework ( Step 1 ) . it must be separated into single characters. By and by. the framework checks pels from left to directly until it finds a pixel esteem beneath some edge ( a dark pel has an estimation of 0. what's more, a white pel has an estimation of 255 ) . The framework so makes a bit of bouncing box around this pel ( Step 2 ) . Every one of the four sides of this bouncing box is verified whether it crosses any pel underneath this limit esteem. In the event that it does. the crate is reached out in that manner. This strategy is rehashed for each side of the case until the outskirts of the bouncing box cross no pels beneath the limit ( Step 3 ) . This strategy works in just a few cases. since usually this limited box will fuse numerous characters. A few representations of this situati on incorporate characters underneath a square root and limits of an inherent. To take these abundance characters. the delimited gathering of characters is checked in a similar way from various waies. After a character is expelled from the limited gathering of characters. the gathering is examined again until no more characters are expelled ( Step 4 ) . At last. the hopping box of the first character is reproduced since remotion of characters may hold influenced its size ( Step 5 ) . This technique has numerous imperfections. It is extremely fruitful in hindering up characters that are non associated. in any case, it can't hinder up characters that are associated ( for outline cursive initiation ) . Luckily in numerical looks associated characters are unprecedented. especially when making on a registering machine screen. Consequently. for the present endeavor this strategy was viewed as adequate. When the picture is separated into its single characters. each character’s area data is put away alongside the pel esteems inside its jumping box. These pixel esteems are changed over into a 10 pel by 10 pixel portrayal of the character. since the anxious web must be given a fixed figure of info pels for all characters. One employment that emerged with this technique was that a few characters. at the point when changed over to a 10 pel by 10 pels portrayal all appear to be identical. For representation. an extremely successive 1 or deduction ( ) will transform into a square of every dim pel. also, the framework will be not able to isolate these from an age mark or denary point (  · ) . Other than. a to some degree inclined 1 will look a cluster like a division mark (/) . To cover with this activity. pictures that are extremely tall and tight are cushioned on the sides with white pels. furthermore, pictures that are extremely expansive and short are cushioned on the top and b ase with white pels. Figure 4: 10?10 employments 3. Anxious Network The apprehensive web utilized for the affirmation of single characters is a feed-forward anxious web with four beds. The principal bed contains 100 information sources. that is. one for each information pel. The final result bed contains a final result for each character that will be unmistakable by the framework. Valuess for each info pel are sent into a relating hub in the first ( input ) bed. For every hub in the principal bed. its information esteem is sent to an initiation map. in this occasion the strategic sigmoid function1. The final result of this guide is sent to every hub in the accompanying bed. Be that as it may. the final result it is non sent straight ; each finished result is increased by some weight before venturing out to the hubs in the accompanying bed. Every hub in the accompanying bed sums the entirety of the signs it gets and sends this incentive to its initiation map. This system rehashes until the finishing up final result vector to the web is found. x?= 1 1?e?t 7 For delineation. for the anxious web in Figure 5. to figure the final result of hub n+2. each finished result for the old bed ( hubs 2 through n+1 ) must be determined and duplicated by the relating association weight. This calculation can be spoken to by the undermentioned condition: o n?2=? n?2 n?1 k=2 tungsten n?2. k o K ? O K is the final result of hub K. ? K is the initiation guide of hub K. what's more, w K. J is the weight heading out from hub J to hub K. Figure 5: Sample incredible apprehensive web To build up the apprehensive web to recognize an individual’s content. a readiness set is made that contains a 10 pictures of each character the framework is to recognize. The framework can execute preferably great when prepared with less over 10 representations of each character ; all things considered. 10 was picked to ensure a high level of truth. The client can create with pretty much than 10 of each. be that as it may, 10 is the default and the suggested aggregate of each. Each point in this arrangement set is combined with an ideal finished result vector. This is essentially a 0 vector with the exception of the n-th segment. which compares with this character. contains a 1. Next. the inclination drop larning strategy is utilized to build up the apprehensive web. Preparing is finished by seting the loads of the web until the whole mix-up for the readiness set is underneath. 005 a 2 B. where an is the figure of characters being perceived by the framework ( figure of finished results for the anxious web ) and B is the figure of each character in the arrangement set. This can other than be suspected of as the whole figure of final results when all contributions from the readiness set are sent into the apprehensive web duplicated by. 005. The whole misstep is determined by coordinating every individual from the arrangement set through the web and figuring the measure of the total estimations of the distinctions of the single constituents of the finished result vector and wanted final result vector. Weight facilities are determined with the undermentioned condition: w J. i=w J. one J oik ? is the larning rate ( in this arrangement this is just 1 ) . what's mo re, ? J is determined as follows: K ‘ K ? J =e J ? ?net J ? on the off chance that J is at long last item bed ? J =?’ ? net kj ? ? wm. J ? N if J is in a disguised bed m k net J is the measure of the contributions to hub J for the K th part of the readiness set. When the planning is finished the loads are put away to a document which can sobe stacked in by the client rather than holding to retrain the framework each clasp it is utilized. 4. Scanner The scanner for this endeavor works preferably in any case over a scanner for a programming phonetic correspondence compiler. N

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Give me at least 3 question to discussion after your reading. then Research Paper

Give me at any rate 3 inquiry to conversation after your perusing. at that point answer the accompanying inquiries - Research Paper Example It is of much significance that associations adventure the worldwide markets quick yet in a sensible way. When looking for work, such will be the issues to consider on how best you can enable the association to accomplish and keep up a worldwide profile. It is clear that associations need worldwide administrators. Do you believe that it is the sole obligation of directors to accomplish the target, or pioneers have a task to carry out in accomplishing the goal? Can the job of directors and pioneers be evaluated to set up which one has the best essentialness? What might be your job as a director, pioneer, or both, in understanding the target of worldwide acknowledgment? Kotter convincingly contend that administration and positions of authority are integral, in spite of them being extraordinary. The significant distinction between the two is that, while administrators advance dependability, pioneers drive change got from the intricate issues that chiefs unravel. The thing that matters is sufficient to clarify that both can't work autonomously. In the contemporary world, mechanical progressions are owing to the adjustments in how associations are run. In the previous decade, the web didn't have a noteworthy job in associations. What's more, cell phones have progressively been a piece of the availability of data with the assistance of the web. The hierarchical culture is continually changing to oblige the mechanical headways and keep up an upper hand. As I would like to think, I have solid administration abilities, remembering the unmistakable attributes of administrators and pioneers. Authority aptitudes are not inborn; they are obtained. The workplace shapes people to become pioneers. Despite what might be expected, the executives abilities are affected by close to home attributes. It is obvious that pioneers center around the vision and modify their aptitudes in a way that is reasonable for the group and the association all in all. Then again, administrators set the vision, however it may not be accomplished

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The Story Of The Soldiers - The Things They Carried - Free Essay Example

In the novel The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien tells the story of a group of soldiers in the Vietnam war who, as a band of brothers, went through so much together. This story details the struggles and internal battles that these men had to deal with during their time in Vietnam and even after the war was done. Many of these men were drafted into the war and not many of them wanted to be there. These were kids who were not ready for war as they were just beginning their time as adults. When they were put into a situation such as the Vietnam war, one could only expect for them to come out different than they were before. These men not only had to carry weight of their supplies, but also the emotional weight that they had to carry with the turmoil they experienced as soldiers. Through this thought, O’Brien throughout the novel uses many different strategies to display what these men were carrying and how it affected them deeply through their time in the war and their time after the war. In the first Chapter of this novel, â€Å"The Things They Carried†, O’Brien right away begins to describe the things they carried. Throughout the whole chapter he addresses what these soldiers carry and how it affects them. However, he speaks most about the things that are the physical and tangible items. But as the book and chapter go on, the focus begins to mainly start to change and he looks closer at the intangible things that these soldiers are holding on to. Whether the emotion is fear, sadness, guilt, responsibility, these soldiers are experiencing it. The first out example of this in the book is through what Jimmy Cross carried. A photograph of a girl he loved named Martha (1). This photo is his reminder of his life back home and also his hopes of being back with the girl that he loved. Martha and the letters, photos, and pebble she sent are on his mind all of the time. He was always thinking about anything that had to do with her. He was carrying the dream that she loved and thought about him just as much as he did her. However, this constant thought and emotional weight that he carried with the constant thought of Martha distracted him much of the time. At one time when he was thinking about Martha, one of his men, Ted Lavender, was shot and killed. After this event, Cross felt very guilty for the death of Lavender. â€Å"He tried not to cry. With his enriching tool, which weighed 5 pounds, he began digging a hole in the earth. He felt shame. He hated himself. He loved Martha more than his men, and as a consequence Lavender was now dead, and this was something he would have to carry like a stone in his stomach for the rest of the war† (16). O’Brien in this sentence is drawing a parallel between the physical items such as the photos and the pebble or stone, and the emotional weight that it caused Jimmy Cross to carry for the rest of the war and even his life. Another example of O’Brien drawing a parallel with the physical and intangible things comes again with Jimmy Cross. As the Lieutenant, he has the most responsibility and he has to carry the maps of Vietnam with him (5). The responsibility to carry the maps bears physical weight, at the same time he is also carrying the emotional weight of the responsibil ity he has to look after his men. All of the emotional weight is overwhelming for how young these men are. Jimmy Cross is a 24 year old and is carrying all this responsibility he doesn’t even want, shown bluntly after Kiowa was killed, â€Å"Jimmy Cross did not want the responsibility of leading these men† (160). When O’Brien draws these connections between the physical things that were carried and how it relates to the emotions they carry, it allows for the reader to really experience and understand the burden these men have to bear. The idea of these things that these soldiers are carrying changes throughout the book. After the first chapter talks about the physical things, O’Brien intends for the reader to look more into the emotions that these men carry through their experiences. There are a few examples that stand out as they show exactly what war can do to a person mentally. The first example is through the story of Norman Bowker. Bowker is a soldier who in his time in Vietnam went through a lot. However, the event that stuck with him the most was when Kiowa died and Bowker tried to save him but couldn’t. This experience and the rest of his time in the war changed Bowker as person. When he got back from the war he couldn’t help but carry feeling of sadness, guilt, and shame. All these feelings along with the thought that he had no purpose left to serve after being in the war led to an inability for him to connect to his life as it was before. With all these feeling that he carried back f rom Vietnam, he feels lost in his thought and lives without a purpose. This is shown when he drives around the lake in circles over and over again (131). It seems that he can not forget about his experiences during the war but also is not able to talk about it leading to Bowker being trapped in his thoughts. In the end, he can not deal with all these feelings he has carried back from his time in Vietnam and meets an unfortunate demise when he commits suicide (149). War affects people in many different ways. Another person it changed was the character O’Brien. He is another character in this story that went through a lot. He had to kill a man while in Vietnam and when he did, he was consumed by guilt and regret. When talking about this experience in the book, he does not ever use a first person point of view as he is trying to distance himself from the experience. O’Brien looks at the man whose life he just took for a long period of time. In this time he thinks about this soldier’s story, of how he got to this point and what his plan s were for the rest of his life (118-124). It is easy to see that killing this man affected O’Brien greatly and after the war this leaves an impact on him. The war in general never left his mind and events caused it. O’Brien carries the guilt from taking away this man’s life and especially taking his future from him leaving an imprint emotionally on his mind. Tim O’Brien develops the idea of these soldiers carrying emotional baggage through their journey constantly throughout the whole book in every story told. He accomplishes this by using many literary devices. This is first introduced in the chapter â€Å"The Things They Carried†. He talks about these physical things that these men are carrying and uses repetition to not only make the reader notice the theme but to begin his idea of what the soldiers are carrying allowing him to utilize it throughout the rest of the book (1-25). O’Brien also uses point of view to emphasize what the soldiers are carrying. In the chapter â€Å"Speaking of Courage†, the third person point of view that looks into Norman Bowker’s thoughts allows the reader to see exactly what he has carried home from the war. With how O’Brien writes knowing Bowker’s thoughts allows a deeper understanding of the helplessness and feeling of being lost that he experiences. In th is way, O’Brien is able to convey what Bowker is carrying emotionally most effectively. In the chapter â€Å"Field Trip†, O’Brien goes back to Vietnam to show his daughter a place that took up a large part of his life. When he uses first person point of view, he is able to relay his thoughts and emotions after returning to a place where he faced so much adversity and dealt with many hardships. When O’Brien returns to the spot of Kiowa’s death to pay his respects, he thinks about his greatly about his time of service and the part of his life spent in Vietnam. With how this is written in this point of view, the reader is able to see how greatly he carries the thought of his time in Vietnam and the memory of the men he served with every day. By being in his mind through this chapter, the audience can really grasp how deeply the war has affected him. In The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien writes about the Vietnam war and the stories of the soldiers who were a part of it. However, O’Brien takes the narrative deeper using the theme of each soldier carrying something. The war affects every soldier whether it is physically or mentally, it leaves none untouched. O’Brien provides the reader with many examples throughout the story of how it can leave a mark on their mind, leaving the emotions of guilt, sadness, regret, or fear. He uses many different tactics to support this theme making it stick with the reader. The soldiers have to carry many supplies for themselves in battle that all have physical weight, but O’Brien is able to convey that sometimes the intangible things carry even more weight.

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Exploring the Possibility of Updating the Cosmological...

Exploring the Possibility of Updating the Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God The term cosmological comes from the Greek language, meaning ‘world’ or ‘universe.’ The argument is based on facts about the world. The topic of cosmology refers to the study of the universe. The cosmological argument begins with a general claim about the physical universe e.g. that some events have causes and that there must be a supernatural agent to somehow explain this fact. The argument seems to say that there cannot be an infinite series of causes, they have to stop somewhere. One scholar who supports this idea is St. Thomas Aquinas. Aquinas invented the ‘five ways’ by which he tried to demonstrate†¦show more content†¦Although, we also have no reason to believe that they are false. The five ways also asks how can the cosmological argument avoid contradicting itself. For example, if nothing causes itself how can there be a first cause, which does not require a cause other than itself. The cosmological argument can work on the assumption that the cause of existing things is not a thing, in which case the above contradiction would disappear. Leibniz put forward the cosmological argument. He argues that the ‘great principle’ of this argument is that â€Å"nothing takes place without a sufficient reason.†[2] Leibniz went onto formulate a version of the cosmological argument similar to, but also different from that of Aquinas. In place of Aquinas’ idea that every event has a cause, Leibniz observed that every event must have a sufficient reason for its existence, since nothing happens without a reason. But everything can also be explained with reference to something else within the world. Therefore the reason why there is something at all rather than nothing must come from outside the world. For a sufficient reason to account for such things there must be a being, which is able to create existence. Such a being must exist of itself because there is something rather than nothing. Therefore a necessary being exists, which we call god. Copleston formulated three

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Essay The Logic of Mercantilism - 723 Words

Explain the Logic of Mercantilism and Why it is Generally Viewed as a Deficient Theory Gretchen Serrao Nova Southeastern University Explain the Logic of Mercantilism and Why it is Generally Viewed as a Deficient Theory Mercantilism was an economic system that developed in Europe between the 16th and 18th century during the period of the new monarchies. This economic philosophy is based on the belief that a nation’s wealth depends on accumulated treasure, usually precious metals such as gold and silver, and to increase wealth, government policies should promote exports and discourage imports. Adam Smith, an eighteenth-century Scots professor of moral philosophy who influenced the founding fathers of†¦show more content†¦According to Coleman (1980), â€Å"Smith believed that the natural efforts of every individual to better his own condition when allied to liberty would motivate the ‘invisible hand’ and thus create wealth and prosperity† (p. 775). After a period of time, many people began to revolt against the idea of mercantilism and stressed the need for free trade. The continu ed pressure resulted in the implementation of laissez faire economics in the nineteenth century. Mercantilism aided the monarch and the merchant-capitalists to plan and govern the economic life to secure monopoly gains. Pecquet (2003) suggested that, â€Å"The king captured monopoly revenues in the form of customs duties imposed on the tobacco trade, and English merchants gained exclusive access to most of the world tobacco crop† (p. 467). As a consequence, domestic market was less competitive, legal monopolies drove up prices, consumers were hurt, the purchase power declined, and the further development of economy was affected. All of these reasons support the fact that mercantilism was a deficient theory because its policies benefited only one party and harm the other, and there was no possibility of economics being used to maximize the commonwealth, or common good. References Pecquet, G. M. (2003). British mercantilism and cropShow MoreRelatedLiberalism, Mercantilism, Structuralism And Constructivism1422 Words   |  6 PagesWhen approaching political economics, there are a variety of places and perspectives one may begin from, the most common of which being identifiable as Liberalism, Mercantilism, Structuralism and Constructivism. Each of these political ideologies represent the culmination of works from many famous theorists and intellectuals, all of which help us to better understand how certain economies have the possibility of functioning in different situations. Focuses range from the power of the individual toRead MoreThe Consequences Of Government Restrictions On Free Trade1698 Words   |  7 Pagesdominated by mercantilism, an economic system guided in large part by heavy government intervention in order to maximize their nations’ balance of trade. This essay thus will analyze Smith’s critique of mercantilism, discuss the uninten ded and harmful consequences of government restrictions on free trade, and outline the theoretical foundations of Smith’s alternative, enlightened self-interest. In Book IV of The Wealth of Nations, Smith begins by deconstructing the central flaw of mercantilism, namelyRead MoreDiscuss Smith s Ideas On The Division Of Labour1073 Words   |  5 Pagesof what is naturally occurring. In doing this he finds that what should be and what can be are profoundly interlinked. This revolutionary thinking went against mercantilism, which was the dominant approach of the time period. Mercantilism can be understood as an economic model that was characterized by government intervention. Mercantilism was an alliance between merchants and the state that was premised on increasing the power and wealth of the state through growing certain sections of the economyRead MoreUk From Mercantilism Free Market Ideas1561 Words   |  7 Pages UK from mercantilism free market ideas Name Course Date Tutor â€Æ' UK from mercantilism free market ideas Introduction and background Mercantilism began its eclipse with the publication of Adam Smith’s book, which was the Wealth of Nations. One interpretation of the economic history of the state suggests that his ruthless advocacy for the free market is opposed to the regulation heavy mercantile doctrine (Magnusson, 2002). He saw the damage that overweening government intervention wasRead MoreMax Weber And The False Consciousness Of Karl Marx1232 Words   |  5 Pagesprecise and qualitative, relied on long term cost benefit analysis, and lost sight of the original intent of the businesses and government and bureaucracy. The hyper-rationalization of the world prompted the shift from Mercantilism to Capitalism. The transition from Mercantilism to Capitalism facilitated the creation of false consciousness as it gave people agency over their own lives without helping them analyze the structural factors in a society.. On the surface, the capitalism empowered workers:Read MoreNewtons Influences Of Isaac Newton And John Locke And The Scientific Revolution763 Words   |  4 PagesThe Enlightenment was a period of time during the second half of the 18th century of new concepts and ideas aimed to advance European society by using rational thinking and logic. The ideas presented during this period focused on changing the way we view our world and the people who live in it. The two scholars who formed the foundations of the Enlightenment, Isaac Newton and John Locke, concentrated on two different subjects, but they both greatly influenced our way of thinking. Another leader inRead MoreCauses Of The Enlightenment998 Words   |  4 Pageschurch was not the answer to everything. The Catholic Church th en split into three different churches, Lutheran Church, Calvinist Church, and Anabaptist church. The scientific revolution at the time started to help people understand the world through logic and reasoning. The third factor was how the government was run. Most parts of Europe were under monarchy, and that was the way it had been for a long time. But as people started questioning the church, they also questioned the position of the kingRead MoreKey Themes Of The Great Awakening1542 Words   |  7 Pages 3. The economic system of mercantilism effect revolutionary behavior in the colonies by controlling all economic activities to strengthen national power. Cromwell adopted the policy of mercantilism because of the English Civil War of 1640s sharply reduced funding flow to the colonies. Oliver Cromwell’s 1651 victory over the monarchy greatly influenced the colonies. It also created new global empire. Colonies were designed to provide for mother country. Mercantilism helped by providing silver andRead MoreThe Rise Of Free Trade1243 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction: Free Trade: The Rise of Free Trade: According to Adam Smith’s 1776 Wealth of Nations, which other economic historians like, McCulLoch (1825) , Blaugh (1978) and Heckscher (1994), have replicated, Mercantilism was a dominant economic theory prevalent across Europe throughout the 17th to the 18th century with limited empirical evidence (Benjamin Hav Mitra-Kahn, 2011). The theoretical contrasts between researchers throughout the mercantilist age originate from the difference in howRead MoreThe J Curve1412 Words   |  6 Pagesalso dealt with difficulties in government and the economy. The colonists were always facing harsh taxes and laws. The colonists went through something called Mercantilism, which was an economic doctrine, and not free trade. The trade was mainly between the colonists and England and what each required from the other. Through Mercantilism the Board of Trade was established in 1696 to regulate trade and review the laws made by the colonists. The navigation acts and the vice-admiralty court s enforced

Public Speaking Self Reflection free essay sample

By reviewing the presentation and accumulating the thoughts of those involved will improve future productions. Introduction The intro to this presentation should catch the attention of any doctor who knows about time management. Gaining attention and interest early was a goal in this presentation. The topic to save time and view radiology films from home was clear, and informative. An overview was not given of what would be covered instead the speech flowed into the step by step to view the images from home. Body The body of this presentation logically flowed step by step, using Powering to liver messages clearly and so that the audience could follow along more easily. No misinterpretation was felt regarding the use of language spoken, and the body was delivered well. The steps were clear and concise. Delivery When viewing the presentation again, it was rushed from start to finish. The time factor disabled the use of more information being shared. We will write a custom essay sample on Public Speaking Self Reflection or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page A well defined topic would have solved this problem. Watch out for eye contact, hand gestures, and bouncing around, these were noticed and portrayed poor body language. There were not any pauses due to time constraint. There were times that there could have been a pause to prove a point, or to allow the audience to ask a question or catch up to the speaker. Language The language used was appropriate. Due to the recording device used the audience could not hear clearly. Future presentation must have a better sound system. Audience and Topic The message was adapted for the appropriate audience. One of the biggest topics in any clinic is how to save time in a day. This is one suggestion for doing Just that.Any doctor looking to save time would view this two minute presentation to allow them a ewe extra minutes each day. Visual Aids Step by step instructions were used via Powering, on how to view Patient Images from home. The slides allowed the audience to view the steps clearly and efficiently. Many times in this presentation the visual aids allowed the speaker a chance to look away from the audience. A quick glance is fine but there is no reason to read the slide. Conclusion The end of the presentation was as rushed as the beginning and body. The reinforcement of how this would save time in the day, allowing more time with tenants, was preparation to the end of the speech. There was not a vivid ending Just more of the same Power Point presentation. A stronger conclusion would have helped close the presentation with confidence. Overall Evaluation The presentation was good throughout. There could have been a better sound system to make the presentation more appealing. The requirement was met for the assignment. To respect attention to detail, the time limit was followed closely. A general comment stated, was to wait a second or two prior to speaking to allow equipment to work so as not to cut off the beginning. There was clear purpose and overall the outcome was quite good. By reviewing the important parts of a presentation, introduction, body, conclusion, delivery, language, audience and topic, visual aids, and overall evaluation, the giver of the speech can use the information provided to improve upon them self. Overcoming the need to think of oneself as right and allowing outside perspective enables the speech presenter the ability to become a remarkable speaker, in everyones eyes.